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Corporate Social Responsibility

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About-Them is committed to promoting awareness of climate change as a serious global issue.
 We offer a virtual gift experience as an alternative to traditional fresh cut flowers or  Replica plastic



About -Them   Social Responsibility 



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 There is a significant environmental impact associated with the intensive farming of fresh flowers. In some areas, large inputs of energy are required to grow the flowers on the scale required by consumer demand. ... Beyond the production, there is also the carbon cost of transportation of flowers around the world

Fresh Cut Flowers Contribute to Toxic Pollutants


About -Them   Social Responsibility 

We know loved ones and friends gain comfort and pleasure visiting a graveside on special occasions Birthdays, anniversaries etc. It’s comforting to  lay flowers or other forms of remembrance ,we will introduce a donate button to a registered charity of your choice at the bottom of your online Angel Profile page, while visiting your loved one on that special day you can donate and that will be acknowledged on the profile.

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