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Our Story

About-Them began as an online florists over a decade ago, 

 specialising in be-spoke floral tributes.

“ Fresh cut flowers are beautiful and make wonderful memorial gifts for a place of rest and a be-spoke tribute reflects the loved one’s individuality ,but sadly they are gone in a relatively short period of time.

 About-Them Forever Profiles ,allows you to share the fun times, the character that larger than life personality forever and to pass it on for future generations, memorial gifts that keep on giving.  About-Them is a celebration of a life, a visual and audio introduction to future generations right there at their place of rest a Forever Profile of personality ."  


Diane Penrose, Co-Founder of About-Them

Image by Clayton Cardinalli

More About Us

About-Them Forever Profiles is part of the  SPR Ltd  group of companies ,which includes Copper Ridge Systems. Click here for more information on the business.  .Our metal memorial gifts are manufactured from the purest metals available ,through our sister company Copper Ridge Systems the market leader in copper manufacturing for over two decades 

About-Them. A place where the memories you hold on the inside can now be shared on the outside for all to enjoy

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