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A fantastic Dad Husband and Grandfather (papa)

Steve was always laughing, he was the “joker“ in the pack.

A sense of humour was essential as a lifelong Man Utd fan ,”if you didn’t laugh, you would cry” was often the shout after a game.

Steve’s other loves were dogs, truly mans best friend. When he was young and still living at home with his mother Granny Jean, he got a mongrel pup from a local farmer ,now granny Jean didn’t share Stevie’s love of dogs and the pup stayed in his room most of the time, a close bond developed with the pup that he decided to name “Fart” when Steve fished serving his time as a bricklayer he left to work in England leaving Granny Jean with the dog named “Fart”, I can still hear to this day Granny Jean screaming loudly Fart ! Fart! everytime the dog would misbehave.

If you’re reading this Profile many years from now, maybe as a descendant of Steve’s and you have a wicked sense of humour ,well this is where you got it from.

Closeup of an older person
Black Dog

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