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Jean McClelland ( Hanley)

Called home 9th April 2006  A Much Loved Wife, Nannie &                                             Great Grandmother 

 Jean was the rock on which our family Was Built. The centre of everything, there is a part of her lives in all of her family today and will continue to shine for future generations. If your reading this Forever Profile of Jean and you are a descendant, you will, without doubt  have some of her character passed to you.


Jean loved to laugh and could party with the best of them! and she loved nothing more than having a good night out with family and friends. A stay-at-home mum she was the homemaker as granda John was bread winner.


As her health deteriorated in later years, she spent almost all of the summer weekends in Cushendall Caravan Park by the sea in her caravan where she enjoyed the company of a large group of friends who also shared a great sense of loss at her passing.

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